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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 14, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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said to me eric don't call my bluff and eric cantor said president obama stormed out of the room. democratic officials say the president never stormed out of the room and said it was cantor who rudely interrupted the president three times so it is against that backdrop that we head into today and the main topic today is really going to focus on taxes, and as you know this has been one of the most divisive issues to date, democrats have been saying that any deal has to include a rollback of tax breaks for wealthy americans, for large corporations, and republicans are saying that we're not going to support anything that looks like a tax hike, and by some estimates, the two sides in terms of getting to an actual deal are still about $1 trillion apart. now president obama is saying friday is really the deadline for determining a path forward. he wants lawmakers to figure out if they want to pursue a deal that will involve a debt reduction plan or if they want to pursue another path. this is coming down to the wire.
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there are some rumors these talks might head to camp david. folks on the hill haven't seen any invitations yet and white house officials tell me there are no plans to move the talks as of right now so we'll have to monitor that. again very heated going into today's talks. thomas? >> kristen quickly what can you tell us about the warning coming from moody's about the country's credit rating and what may happen? >> right, thomas us what officials say this underscores the point they've been making all along essentially they have to get a deal done to raise the debt ceiling by that august 2nd deadline, if they don't there could be dire consequences, if moody's does decide to downgrade the nation's credit rating which has not happened again, it's just a warning but if that does happen some economists said it could impact things like the price of mortgages and car loans so it really could have an impact according to a lot of economists. >> kristen welker at the white house, thanks so much. we're already hearing from
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leadership on both sides of the aisle on the debt negotiation this is morning and here are senate leaders making comments just over an hour ago, take a listen. >> house majority leader eric cantor has shown he shouldn't be at the table. the time for personal gain and political postures are over. time to put our economy and our country first. >> we refuse to let this president use the threat of a debt limit deadline to get us to cave on tax hikes or phony spending bills. either you're with the president and his vision of a government that continues to live beyond its means or you're with those of us who believe washington needs some strong medicine. >> nbc's lukes reert covers capitol hill for us and joins us this morning. there is the senate florida. what are we hearing from house leaders? >> well house leaders this morning were quick to pounce on what harry reid said rather gop aides close to them. i spoke to one before i came on the air saying look, as much as the democrats are upset with eric cantor for his hard line negotiating, it's not going to help the process of getting a
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deal done if harry reid goes to the senate floor and picks on him publicly. what we're really hearing is a sort of idea of okay what exactly, what type of plan exactly can pass here in the next few days to get to the house of representatives? eric cantor has been vehement that any plan that includes a tax increase is a no go so that leaves very few options. with within that context is what is revenue? new reports they could agree on things that might not look like a tax increase that would be easier to sell to a conservative district, things like perhaps raising fees that have to do with airline security, possibly those corporate jet loopholes we talked about, ethanol subsidies, things like that, that could be hidden and add to revenue. another thing we're hearing now, last night in the office of senator mark warner of virginia, the gang of five this bipartisan group of senators that has been meeting for months trying to figure out a deal within the neighborhood of $3 trillion to
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$4 trillion, they met again, they're back to,they're writing solutions down, the idea being if the president and the gop leadership in both the house and the senate cannot figure out a solution, maybe the gang of five could be the white knight come in with legislation that could be palpable. why is that important? the group that makes up the gang of five, used to be gang of six and senator coburn left you have conservative members, very liberal members. durban, liberal. saxby chambliss, very conservati conservative. they're back to work with the premise if it doesn't get done at the white house, maybe it can get done at the senate. the clock is ticking. anything that has to be done by august 2nd, has to be presented by july 22nd, does not leave a lot of time but it is another option. no idea whether it will pass the house and the republican conference which has been conservative on anything that has to do with the revenue increases. >> just a programming note at 4:15, the president is expected to meet with congressional
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leaders. luke russert appreciate it. new poll numbers show confidence when it comes to the debt debate. more trust with president obama. the majority puts the blame of the recession on the last administrati administration. we could see key figures testifying in the uk scanical. rebekah brooks has agreed to testify in front of parliamentary committee next week. this morning summonses issues for rupert murdoch and son james. they've so far refused to appear before the committee. all of this comes as murdoch's news corp. takes another hit. it has pulled out of a $12 billion bid to buy full control of broadcaster bskyb. nbc's stephanie gosk is live in
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london with the latest. now it stands nine people having been arrested. what do we know about the latest person taken into custody? >> thomas, the sixth is neil wallace, deputy editor from 2003 to 2007 at "news of the world" when andy coolsulson was editord he served as prime minister cameron's spokesperson so there's been a lot of interest around him and it does seem like the investigation right now is focusing around that time in the "news of the world" and the activities that went on then. it raises interesting questions about rebekah brooks also the editor of the paper, whether or not she could be brought in with allegation, criminal allegations against herself. >> stephanie, what do we expect hearing the fact that rebekah brooks will be testifying or at least has agreed to? >> well she has agreed to but there was a pretty substantial
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caveat in that agreement. she said there's an ongoing investigation into the phone hacking and you'll have to understand this is in a letter to the committee, the parliament committee, you have to understand if i don't want to address these issues in the questions you're going to ask me but you have to wonder what questions they'll have left to ask, and this is really the central issue, she's denied any knowledge of phone hacking while she was the editor of the paper, but what will they be able to ask her then, certainly limits the interest level for the committee. >> but so many people interested to hear what she has to say. stephanie gosk, thank you, and also i want to point out this scandal spread to the u.s. now a half dozen senators and congressmen are calling for investigations, we'll talk to one of the senators coming up in this hour. so stick with us for that. so come sunday, casey anthony is going to be a free woman once again, but given last week's controversial verdict in her murder trial there's speculation as to what price the
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acquitted pom will pay for that freedom. faced with everything from lawsuits to online hatred to outright death threats, sources say she's considering changing her name and using disguises in order to survive once she's back in public. here to talk about the potential challenges she faces is staff writer tony delcupola. >> thank you. >> as we talk about the speculation it's amazing what a week can make especially after the verdict came down. there's been the talk about the money she can make from book deals and tv appearances and now it seems as if no one wants to touch her with a ten foot pole. >> you know your reputation is shot when the adult entertainment industry is backing off. i think there are two options for her going forward. she could disappear, use what we know are good skills at lying, erase her past or going to take a big payday although there is option three which is the money piling up in her account for men who for whatever reason, motives
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unknown seem to want to take care of her so she does have fans. i don't know if you saw the reports she does have fans. >> she has sponsors. >> sponsors is a polite way to put it. >> when we talk about the fact that she has money making potential to come to talk about the ordeal she went through, isn't it also a scarlet letter put on whatever organization decides to pay this woman? >> absolutely. when the adult entertainment industry, when triple x entertainers are saying our customers can't stand to have you involved with us, it's hard for a main stream organization to get behind her. >> tony what about the logistics for sunday? the reporting i've been hearing out of orange county florida they're not able to protect her other than if she were to call 911 and needed help they're not able to provide body guards or any services to her safety.
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>> there will probably be people waiting judging by the reaction after the verdict was released or announced there will be people there but they're going to try to minimize that for sure. >> when we talk about the legal battles that she just went through, obviously she's been acquitted getting out but the legal battles themselves are far from over because she was just served by equusearch for $112,000 because they were the ones that searched for caylee on horseback, trying to find her and they put up that type of bill, accrued that bill, also a civil lawsuit from zenaida gonzalez, the name of the woman, zanny the nanny that casey used so what type of i guess civil lawsuits can be brought for what type of money, especially with zanny the nanny, what type of case does she have? >> any time you tell a lie it affects other people's lives and those people have the right to try to seek redress, so this could be, she could be tangled up for many months to come if not years.
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>> doesn't that mean she has to stay in florida, not be able to run away and put on a wig? >> absolutely, the best place for her would be a big city, new york city, l.a., monica lewinsky is a different person but she had notoriety around her in the '90s and came to new york, no coincidence there. >> we'll see what happens but social media wasn't around with monica lewinsky. tony great to see you. sarah palin says that she can win, but is she ready to say she wants to win. there's a big difference there. the phone hacking scandal crossed the atlantic. lawmakers calling for an investigation of allegations that news corp. hacked the phones of 9/11 victims. we'll talk to one of the senators that's leading the charge here. back with much more on msnbc after this. but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ sometimes when we touch
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welcome back, everybody.
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a familiar face on the campaign trail isn't ruling out another run for the white house. rudy giuliani is in new hampshire this morning, stoking speculation that he may try again, this time as the underdog. giuliani told reporters, these are a lot of qualified people. do they have a good chance of winning? i don't know the answer to that. i don't think i would even describe myself as testing the waters. i'd say that i have a possibility, it gives me a chance to gather more information. let's bring in mark murray in new york, so nice to see you. let's get to this. mixed message from juligiuliani say the least and try reading that verbatim out of the teleprompter. it's not natural. >> right. >> talking about giuliani willing to scratch the campaign itch he may have. where do you think he stands? what are his chances? >> the reporting we have is that he really does in his heart of hearts want to make another run, to do better than he did back in 2008, as you remember he spent all this money, only one won
11:16 am
delegate, almost a disastrous showing sew kind of wants to do this again. what's interesting in new hampshire, new hampshire is where he's been every single time he's been flirting with the 2012 presidential run but new hampshire is the state he famously skipped in 2008 and decided to retreat to florida to be able to win there but by that point it was all but lost for him. >> let's put up the recent quinnipiac poll. the third and fourth place to go to two republicans on the fence about 2012. we can see sarah palin, what is her political future? what do we know? >> she keeps dipping her toes sometimes in the presidential waters and then removes them. she was on the cover of "newsweek" talking about that maybe she would actually like to run, she knows in her heart of hearts she could beat barack obama. >> right. >> she hasn't done the little things one would need to mount a presidential bid, hiring those campaign staffers, starting to raise that money to be competitive with the mitt romneys of the world and also get those key endorsements that
11:17 am
one needs, you know, we're entering this summer of speculation where people, they may or may not run, but at some point by the end of the summer, sarah palin mentioned this by august or september i have to make a decision. >> what's her angle? how long can she string people along? >> she has the name i.d. so if she decides to get in late that could benefit her you wouldn't have if you were a tim pawlenty. to lock down enforcement and make a run and raise money, because iowa is not that far away from now. >> it has to be encouraging to those political contenders that aren't in the running when their names show up and it has to be frustrating to the mitt romneys of the world that see those names on there and know that they're not really doing anything to get this attention. but rick perry knows how to get attention and we've heard maybe he'll make a decision after the prayer event at reliance stadium. his political team is making rounds in key early states. what do you make of that? >> more so than sarah palin and
11:18 am
rudy giuliani, rick perry is a person to keep an eye on. it looks like he is going to try to make a bid. he had a phone conversation with iowa senator kuck grassley yesterday. you're not making those types of phone calls if you're not seriously thinking about it. the one big caveat he and his team are thinking about, can you raise the amount of money to compete with mitt romney? >> he's behind chris christie in the poll. >> it will be interests. >> chris christie is saving his juice for 2016. >> smart bet. >> mark murray great to see you. for more on the phone hacking scandal that has swept the uk by storm and rocked one of the largest media companies the world has ever known, six american lawmakers are calling for investigations into allegations that reporters from the "news of the world" tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims and their family members. four u.s. senators and two congressmen are calling for the fbi and the securities and exchange commission to begin investigations into news corp. and this hacking scandal.
11:19 am
democrat democratic senator robert menendez joins us from capitol hill. we had stephanie gosk our colleague out of london give us a report of what's taking place. there are reports out that "news of the world" reporters made efforts into hacking into the phones of 9/11 victims and family members. this is one report "the daily mirror" citing unnamed and secondhand sources on that. what do you make of this information and why do you think it's catching the attention of you and your fellow lawmakers on the hill? >> first of all because if it's true, it would be horrifying to believe that they would try to get access to the phone information and the voice mails of 9/11 victims and their families who have already suffered so much tragedy in their lives, so, and secondly because we have seen in great britain the flow of information as it relates to the success
11:20 am
"news of the world" had in getting access to personal information of the prime minister, of great britain, of the royal family, of crime victims in great britain, that it creates a serious enough question to have our justice department find out what is true. if this is true, then it should be prosecuted under federal law here in the united states. if it's not we should know that and be able to move on. >> news international responded to these allegations, sir, and they're telling people that they have seen no evidence that these allegations in reference to phone hacking of 9/11 victims is true, and it's also important to note that news corp. is an american company, it's based in new york, rupert murdoch is australian by birth and is an american citizen and became one years back. in your estimation of what you know so far, do you think this could lead to any criminal charges from american prosecutors in the future? >> well it's too early to tell, but if the allegations end up being proven true, access to a
11:21 am
person's private records and hacking into their phone conversations or to the recordings of their phone conversations on voice mail is a violation of federal law, punishable by five years in jail and/or a fine so it seems to me that we need to know, because it would be pretty horrifying, as we come up on the tenth anniversary of september 11th, to think about those moments in anguish that family members were calling their loved ones or a loved one whose life may have ultimately perished on september 11th, calling a family member, that information and those recordings would be accessed by any entity, and so it is fundamentally, you know, pretty horrifying to me, we need to know the truth and that's what we're trying to do and the best way to do that is to get the justice department to investigate. scotland yard is under investigation of several thousand names and phone numbers. i'm sure we could be talking to scotland yard and find out whether americans were part of
11:22 am
that. >> politicians in the uk have been chastised to are their recent or i guess their past fears of rupert murdoch and not doing anything against the media baron in having so much control. do you think there would be more politicians having come forward to join you in the investigation or at least the intent of an investigation to find out what could be happening here? >> i would hope certainly those of us who represent the tristate area who lost so many citizens in new jersey, we lost about 00 citizens on that fateful day, so for us this is a question of great moment, this is a question of real concern. we have been working with these families over time. we have been seeking justice along the way, and so when bin laden was killed, there was a measurement of justice, but we've got to make sure that these families have their privacy and the sanctity of those moments for themselves. i don't know whether others want to join us or not, but i'm
11:23 am
certainly going to pursue it to the hilt and make sure that we come to a conclusion as to what really happened here. >> senate running baobert menen you. breaking news out of new york, possibility of a mistrial for roger clemens. pete williams what do you have. >> today based on evidence that was played for the jury the judge is considering granting a defense request for a mistrial. the judge had earlier ruled that the jury could not be told about testimony from andy petit's wife, he's a teammate of roger clemens, his wife according to the government had been told by andy petit that he heard roger clemens' claim that he used steroids, that's hearsay evidence and the judge said he didn't want the jury to hear that. nonetheless this morning prosecutors played an excerpt
11:24 am
from the hearing in 2008 at which clemens denied using steroids in which elijah cummings a congressman reads out the deposition from andy petit's wife. that is exactly what the judge said the jury shouldn't hear. the lawyer for roger clemens, rusty hardin immediately asked the judge for a mistrial and the judge said this is a very serious matter. now judges are always reluctant to declare a mistrial, but if it's going to be done i suppose you could say it's more likely early on in the trial than after the jury has sat through a lot of evidence. if there is a mistrial we'd have to start all over again. this jury would be dismissed, another pool called in, there would have to be more questions, going to take another week to impanel a jury and the government would have to decide whether to seek, you know, to do that. i can't imagine the government wouldn't. so to sum up here, thomas, judges are always reluctant to grant mistrials but this judge says he's very upset that this
11:25 am
evidence came in because he had told the government not to do it. they did it anyway and now he's currently in his chambers, trying to decide whether to grant this request, so the whole trial has come to a stop, while the judge considers whether to start all over again. >> and how soon do you think we may know? you say they like to take their time to ponder the things but don't want to dismiss this after the hard work. >> the issue is can the jury be told you have to ignore this or is this too hard to as they say unring that bell? it's one thing to tell a jury you can't consider this. the fact is they've heard it. so you know, how soon, i would think within the next hour or so. >> pete williams in washington, keep us apprised, thank you, sir. are you saving enough for retirement? it's a huge question we all battle with. new details why one group may not be doing what they should be, not a lot to sing about anymore.
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welcome back, everybody. new details this hour on the horrific murder of an 8-year-old boy in brooklyn. the alleged killer reportedly spent more than 12 hours with him, taking him to a wedding, just outside new york city before smothering him in a panic, and dismembering his body. nbc news has on stained his confession and in it, 35-year-old levi aron says when i saw the flyers i panicked and was afraid. he fought back a little bit. afterwards i panicked, i didn't know what to do with his body. i understand this may be wrong and i'm sorry for theurt i caused. nbc's jeff rossen joins me live outside the brooklyn courthouse where levi aron is being held. this is a sad case and people around the country are heartbroken about the young
11:30 am
child walking home. levi aron took him to a wedding? >> reporter: according to that confession, if you believe the suspect, what he told police, he says that he picked the child up, he picked leiby up and brought him to the suburbs in new york city, didn't want to stay that long because his back was hurting, went back to the suspect's house where leiby fell asleep watching television that night, the suspect says when he woke up the next morning leiby was still is there, he made him a tuna sandwich and it's when he saw the missing person flyers and the community outrage he says he panicked and decided to kill him, and smother him and you heard the details about that and there was dismemberment, parts of leiby's young body found in the suspect's freezer, other parts in a dumpster nearby. it gripped the city and entire country and brings up a lot of points a lot of us parents deal with on a day-to-day basis, when do you let your child walk alone, an 8-year-old boy asked
11:31 am
his parents over and over again can i please just walk home from camp by myself? he wanted to feel like a big boy and his parents finally said yes. they practiced the route, but leiby got lost on the way, asked a stranger for directions and ended up getting in his car and police say it was with that 35-year-old man who ultimately killed him. he was in court in brooklyn and we're monitoring him, charged with second-degree murder. >> jeff rossen appreciate it. also in the news mourners are gathering at burial grounds in mumbai, india to pay their final respects to the 18 people killed in yesterday's gruesome triple bombing. indian authorities are looking into "every possible hostile group" as they look for the culprits responsible for the attack. a top government official says the ieds in the blast show a certain degree of sophistication. security cameras are being analyzed for any and all clues. foreclosure filings fell
11:32 am
dramatically during the first half of the year but only because of processing delays at the banks. the skewed numbers falsely raise hopes. the housing market is staging a recovery. realty track which keeps data about foreclosures say the delays extend the time to clear the housing market supply of distressed homes which pulls down the prices of others. in every election season there are interesting moments you don't want to miss out on. independence day, a polite but unexpected day two men fighting for the gop nomination but also moments embarrassing and sometimes crippling to a campaign, ask former virginia senator george allen. >> it's important we motivate and inspire people for something. this fellow over here with the yellow shirt, makaka or whatever he is, he's following us around everywhere. >> the president of american
11:33 am
bridge following republican presidential candidates on the road. it's an example of what has happened on campaign trails, people sent to be embedded on campaigns and follow around different politicians to catch them in a gaffe and that was one directed directly at the cameraman. i want to start with the details of your group. give us a mission statement for what the american bridge 21th century is and what you hope to do. >> thank you for having me. american bridge 21st century is an organization built to hold republicans accountable and we're going to do that a few different ways, one through monitoring their events and another is through extensive research of their records, whether they're in congress or whatever they did before they were running for office, and then working to get that message out through mainstream media and social media and this is part of a larger coordinated effort with other democratic groups whether it be through paid advertisement or as i said working with
11:34 am
mainstream media, working in different states with grassroots organizations so that voters know just where republicans stand on the issues. >> certainly there's a lot of room on the field, the more the merrier in terms of journalists covering this. do you think your group, american bridge, is necessary, especially with so many media outlets that are following campaigns, recording almost all the steps of politicians on the campaigns, do you think that what you're doing is actually fair? >> do i think it's fair? of course. you know, i'm not andrew brightbart. we're not tricking everybody. we're observing, reporting what we see and i think one of the things that we will be able to do, it's not just about the gotcha moment. 'about republican candidates and the republican candidates seem to do this a lot where they pander to the tea party base during their primary and then run to the center in their general, so it's less about finding that one makaka moment but showing republican candidates over time saying one thing to one group and another
11:35 am
thing to another and we think voters have a right to know where their candidates stand. >> rodell their main goal is to capture as much gop candidates as possible having an archive. when you hire and train the people what boundaries do you set for them if any. >> very much our trackers are just at public events recording what publicly the candidates say, not asking any questions. they are just letting the events go and you know if a republican candidate wants to tell a group of tea party activists that social security should be abolished, then that's his right, but you know it's right at a public event to make sure we capture that and that the american people somehow see that. >> they take a fly on the wall approach as opposed to being aggressive or baiting? >> of course, we want to be very respectful, this isn't an in your face operation and definitely not a, it's not
11:36 am
gotcha and not tmz. it's just sitting there and observing or reporting on what republicans say and sometimes they're going to say things that they might think and i think it's very cynical, they sometimes say things to an audience thinking that no one else is going to hear that they just trashed medicare or they just said that we should, get rid of social security. >> rodell mollineau, appreciate your time and insight. >> thanks for having me. a new study gives us another reason to keep kids away from secondhand smoke. stay tuned. regenerist day and night duo. the uv lotion helps protect skin and firms during the day. the cream hydrates to firm at night. gravity doesn't stand a chance. regenerist, from olay.
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so nothing like being young and single, right? when you look at this based on gender, the numbers suggest singles starve and couples thrive. never is this the case more than with women. 27% of unmarried women without a high school diploma have enough money saved for retirement,
11:40 am
versus 68% of married women. what's keeping single women from saving? with our "sound off" segment, melissa harris perry joins us, professor of political science at tulane, as well as a columnist for "the nation." great to see you. as we talk about this, why do you think that women are so economically challenged's special ply in this day and age when we've never talked more about retirement savings regardless of danger? >> you have to look at the structural constraints that women earn less in part because they are in the kinds of jobs, kind of pink collar jobs that pay less money for example being a day care worker versus being a high school principal but the same work, often women don't make the same pay so part of it is just fewer resources, but the other part of it is that women's social roles sometimes mean they have to spend their money now rather than save it for later. single women of much more likely to be custodial parents than single men and single women are
11:41 am
much more likely to have responsibilities for their parents than, so it's often your single daughter not your single son who you would be expecting for example to take care of mom and dad. >> we all have to live within our means but is it fair to expect single women to live within a certain means parameter so they are consciously thinking about savings down the line? >> clearly we have to ask people to do the best we can to save but it is more expensive to have a woman. i have this conversation with my husband every time we go to the dry cleaner. a dress for me to get dry cleaned, seven or eight bucks. a shirt for him, one dollar. just to manage a ward drorobewa you rent an apartment women are thinking about safety ks. women pay a premium on rent. >> you told kevin our producer you husband would sleep in a lawn chair on the front lawn and not think about it. >> my husband is an eagle scout
11:42 am
he would build a fire and sleep on the frount lawn. >> on the subject of marriage women are told to be moms and have thriving careers, have it all. >> you can have it all right now, the question is if you have it all right now can you save enough for later? i was talking with one of the staff people here, a single mom saying if you haven't been able to save for retirement at least invest in your kids' education because maybe your kid can help on the back end. >> i can wear a different tie and the same suit every day, nobody knows. great to see you, thanks. the nominees for lead actress in a comedy series are -- melissa mccarthy, "mike and molly." >> yikes! >> a sweet moment, the emmy nominations providing surprises. no one more shocked than melissa mccarthy, we have surprises and snubs. we'll break down the big news,
11:43 am
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welcome back. there's a new report out concerning the dangers of secondhand smoke. researchers at the harvard school of public health found 6% of kids under 12 live with a smoker and those kids are more likely to have behavior problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. robert bizell is nbc news's chief health correspondent. did this look at secondhand smoke before health, during childhood or all of the report. >> that's one of the problems, exposure in the woom or household, but it gets down to thomas the fact that cigarette smoking is awful, it's awful obviously for the person who is taking it in but bad for the kids and it has not just wosk behavioral affects but affects future risk for cancer. one of the things we've come to appreciate in the last few
11:47 am
decades smoking is not just bad for the smoker but affects those around them and particularly the families and we say it often but it's true, and it is the fact that there are so many kids living in households still where the parents are smoking is the most disturbing thing about this. >> i think we need to respect there are going to be smokers that are going to say this is hooey. is there a direct link here? did they look at other factors that might have impacted the study? >> it seems fairly reasonable that parents who smoke whether it's because of exposure in the womb or the household increase their children's risk for hyperactivity. you can also say people who smoke have the psychological personality that might do that sq as well. i don't know. it's difficult to rule out all those conclusions but smoking doesn't seem to be very good in this situation and it seems to be another black mark on smoking's record. >> i think you're right. great to see you, bob.
11:48 am
astounding roundup of emmy nods, "madmen" 19 nominations in today's ceremony, including best male and female leads and best drama series. today's announcements featured both familiar faces and a new newcomers, "mike and molly" actress melissa mccarthy who learned about the nomination presenting at the podium. we'll get the scoop on the other contenders and at least one big snub from's pop culture columnist courtney hasletts. 19 nods for "madmen" but struggling? the ratings? >> gone are the days we look at the ratings, not a hugely rated show, did they deserve the emmy? you look at shows like "dexter" and "justified" and nor niche shows, i.e. not the big network shows you're used to getting the emmy nods. i don't think that correlation
11:49 am
holds up. 19 is a big number. last year was probably "madmen's" strongest season when you look overall at the acting, the writing, all of the character arcs. it was probably well deserved. >> obviously by the emmy folks. "game the thrones" has taken off like a rocket. i'm a fan of it. also "boardwalk empire" did really well today. >> it's fantastic you have out of the box shows, they're not your typical dramas. they're the type of show that you really have to get into to understand. you miss one show one week, you might be a little lost the next week. it asks a lot of its audience. even though they're so superbly put together between the sets and the costumes and the acting. >> right. >> it really does is ask a lot of its audience. it's great to see the emmy people recognize the do fantasy. "boardwalk empire" is --
11:50 am
>> a lot of people in terms of snubs are talking about the zombie snubs. you have shows that didn't get anything and people are angry about that. but you can't please all here. >> speaking of snubs, kyra sedgwwick who won last year wasn't even nominated. >> wasn't nominated this year. i can't get too upset about that because in some sense, you know, you got your award. i don't like it necessarily when people get an award year after year after year. i'm not going to name names here but it's nice to see people share it. in her category, outstanding actress in a drama series, i was really glad to see connie britton from "friday night lights" get a nomination. her acting was fantastic. so it's great to see some other people get rewarded instead or just kind of -- >> it opens up the real estate a little bit. opens up the real estate. fun to watch this morning. >> it certainly was. i'm going to have more of the clip in the 2:00 hour. >> thanks for being on with me.
11:51 am
i appreciate it. for the latest entertainment news, be sure to log on to or become a fan of the scoop on facebook. the government shut-down may have gone too far. what the budget problems in minnesota have to do with happy hour next. will save us. [ crunch ] look! [ male announcer ] wheat thins crunch stix. try our new flavors. with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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want to go back to that breaking news we had in regard to baseball star roger clemens' trial. pete williams is standing by in washington with an update for us. pete? >> reporter: well, thomas, it's over. it started yesterday and today, it ended with a mistrial. so what this means is that the government now has to decide whether to try again and if so, another juror would have to be chosen and they would have to go through the same process that took about a week to choose a jury and start all over again. the reason is the judges ruled that the jury has twice and the most serious of them this morning, twice heard testimony or evidence that he said the jury should not hear because it would be unfair.
11:55 am
the opening statements just started yesterday, then they started calling witnesses. this morning the government was showing portions of the 2008 hearing before congress that's at the center of this whole case. it's at a congressional hearing the government claims roger clemens lied about whether he used steroids or not. at that hearing, clemens was asked about the fact that a former teammate of his, andy pettitte, has told congressional investigators that he overheard clemens say he used steroids. at the hearing, a member of congress read out a portion of a deposition, a declaration from pettitte's wife, laura, who said yes, she remembers being told by her husband, andy pettitte, that roger clemens told him he used steroids. the judge said that's too indirect and the jury shouldn't hear that. nonetheless, the government played an excerpt from the hearing at which the jury heard exactly that. the judge was clearly very upset, it violated his earlier
11:56 am
order. he said he thought it was too prejudicial. the government had said look, all you have to do is tell the jury they should disregard this. the judge said i don't know how i can do that in a case where a man's liberty is at stake, meaning that roger clemens could potentially face time in prison. so for all these reasons, he has declared a mistrial. mistrials are somewhat unusual but i guess you could say that there's less damage done when a mistrial is called so early on, when the thing has just gotten out of the blocks. so one other question here is whether the judge is going to impose any sanctions on the government for, in the judge's opinion, clearly disregarding his orders. there was a similar little dust-up yesterday over something that was in the government's opening statement that the judge told the jury to disregard. so that got the government sort of off to a bad start, and then this today clearly angered the judge. >> one bad foot after the other. >> right. it's over for now. the jury will be dismissed and the government will have to decide whether it wants to start over. this is a real black eye for the
11:57 am
prosecution here and we have to see what comes next. >> pete williams in washington, thanks so much. that will do it for me. see you back here at 11:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. until then, you can follow me on twitter. my new handle, at thomas a. roberts. more important, i get to say welcome back to our dearly loved friend, contessa brewer. >> so nice to be back. so nice to hear that you have finally fixed -- >> i did it for you. >> that underscore was messing everybody up. >> today, it is fixed. i unveiled it on your day back. >> thank you. i appreciate it. we have an update on the breaking news. we will continue to follow this mistrial declared in the roger clemens trial, plus more drama in the debt debate. what is going on in washington? why can't they fix this mess? world cup fever with a former soccer star, next. ous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release...
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